The possibilities and imagine.


What  you can imagine!


Is there a right time?


My name is Kenya, yes my real name. I appreciate your interest in who I am as an Intuitive Artist. This is my attempt to explain what this means to me. As a young girl in middle school, I had an art class. I felt a connection to a part of myself, I was not aware existed at this point. I enjoyed art more than any other school activity. My teacher was most encouraging as I completed the assignments. She helped me feel good about the accomplishments and about myself. I do not recall actually hearing praise from other teachers and people in my life. I had to study to retain the information and I had good grades.


This is what I remember about public school. Interesting, considering school seemed to be so important for everyone. Living life is more of a teacher than the public school system. High school graudates are not prepared for the real world through public school.


The learning curve is like traveling the road of life. I have practiced with different mediums, brushes, pencils, papers or supports, gadgets, etc., etc, and now have enough art supplies to get me through a few more years. I had to learn to see, the color, line, curve, shape, shadow, light, and dark.


I have more on my mind about who I am as an Intuitive Artist and what this means to me. I hope you will come back and learn more about who I am, and where my motivation comes from.



Do you really think?



The life you want!


A little dream... seriously, dream big or go home!

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