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come to life kenya

Trying to fit my art work or style into a category is rather difficult for me to do. As I explored the various Art Styles, I would have to say a few works fit into the Surrealism category. I have also created what is considered Abstract, Contemporary, and Figurative works.


Taking a walk through my work, I realized the emotion involved, the thought each painting was provoked by. The state of mind I was in when I put the mood to canvas. A painting such as this is hard to describe without getting deeper into how I feel and what makes me feel. Many times the titles will present first and the idea develops gradually. Let me peel off the layers of my flesh and let you inside. This journey of life can certainly take me to places I eventually learn from, live through and move on.


So many feelings to deal with throughout this artistic endeavor which leaves me feeling naked and vulnerable, exposed and raw. This is not so much a part of me that I enjoy but rather the therapy I needed at the time to get through how deeply I can feel. Some of my art work has many layers the viewer may or may not tap into but please know the river runs deeper than I can explain. Who knows me well enough to know these depths? The one thing I do understand is we all have emotion. It is the common human experience, emotion.


This is the connection that I feel with others. I know these emotions well enough, some I hope to never feel again and strive to keep my heart and mind in a safer place. This is my coping mechanism and why I stand outside the circles in life simply to observe humanity. Throughout my life dreams have offered somewhat of a deeper understanding of myself and what being human means. It will be impossible to explore my art without referring to the place of dreams. The part of the brain that never sleeps, so I have read.


Come To Life


Canvas 18 x 36


Do you really think?



The life you want!


A little dream... seriously, dream big or go home!

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