The possibilities and imagine.


What  you can imagine!


Is there a right time?

I have a dreamy imagination. My inspiration come from ideas, thoughts and emotions experienced through every day living. As I move forward with my artistic endeavors, I will display them here. I hope you enjoy exploring my work and maybe a few rants inside my bubble.


This is "My Bubble"


In this tiny blue speck in the universe, we call Earth.


2017 is here and another year passed through the hour glass. The end of a year and the beginning of another brings a few intriguing ideas, thoughts and dreams to create on canvas. A few titles are developing into mental images for this year's art work, Carry It With You, Sands of Time, and Hands of Time. My hope is to represent messages that inspire, provoke thoughtful consideration towards humanity, time in general and the time we exist in, are on my mind. Perhaps it is my age and circumstance that make these thoughts and ideas for art work relevant to me . .


Art Can Be Playful.


Doll Face


Art Can Represent A Different Perspectives.


worlds apart2 kenya


Art Can Expose Human Vulnerabilities.


these hands update kenya


Harmonic Armatures

I learned something new and had to play around with it. Harmonic Armatures.
Then the art of folding paper Origami, thus "Origamism" a word I made up.
Oh! This will make a catchy title: Harmonic Origamism

After getting all the lines measured out and actually seeing the layout,
I felt the composition needed something to pull it together so I added
the moon phase. Then the circles & squares. I can get carried away



Original Art Work

14x20 Arches Hot Press Water Color
Color Pencil and Graphite


Do you really think?



The life you want!


A little dream... seriously, dream big or go home!

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