The possibilities and imagine.


What  you can imagine!


Is there a right time?

Intentional invasion inside. Accessing thought processes of mind, consciousness, firing neurons, frontal lobe, right brain, left brain, whole brain activities. What really goes on inside? What paths are made along this landscape of consciousness? What is this, but visions, the mind's eye, memories of life, walked step by step? Creativity brings to life musings as they paint themselves. The world inside viewed, heard, felt, and lived.


Exploring the why and how of life's landscape. From what view is this, as a larger painting is explored in thought? The eye's iris is a work of art to say the least. What more art, is there, as the eyes operate in full capacity?


Where do the paths of ideas, thoughts, and imagination lead? What vision is created? The idea of love and hate, the duality of life or the circle of life and death, pleasures of moments, the billions of neurons moving though what is, the universe within. The canvas covered, lines and connections of all that make up the human body.


The landscape of life flows across the canvas. What do I see? What is the story? What is the moment captured? What moment made an impressionable pathway. Describe what I see on each canvas, paint it, write about it. Is there a story to be told? Moments of the past, the present and future swirling in thought to canvas.


Whisper #1 : Crossing Boundaries

Watercolor 14x20


whisper3 kenya


Whisper #2 : Interference

Watercolor 14x20


whipser2 kenya


Whisper #3 Broken Rhythm

Watercolor 14x20


whisper3brokenrythm kenya




Do you really think?



The life you want!


A little dream... seriously, dream big or go home!

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